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HD UltraGrip

HD Ultragrip

This floor is constructed from a composite HDPE plastic with a rubberized TPO coating. If you are looking for an excellent anti-slip option, Ultragrip is a great place to start. Its non-porous characteristics ensure it will not absorb any form of liquid which helps eliminate the formation of both mold and bacteria. Not only will Ultragrip preserve the interior flooring of your fleet, helping to increase their resale value, it is also easy to clean and safe for your technicians to work on.

HD UltraFloor

HD Ultrafloor

Ultrafloor is constructed from a HDPE plastic composite that is 100% recycled. This is the most durable flooring in its class, capable of surviving through a range of temperature conditions. This durability ensures that the flooring will not crack or split while a non-porous surface means that any liquid left on the surface will not lead to the growth of mold or bacteria. This floor is durable and allows for products to slide on the surface, making it the perfect option for vehicles loaded by forklifts.



This is a 9 ply birch hardwood that is ½ inch thick and extremely rigid. The top and bottom are coated with a durable phenolic resin coating that has a textured surface to make it non-slip. The KK-Plus is very thermally stable and has excellent pull strength, making it an excellent option when fastening equipment to the floor.

VFS Riggid Flooring


The VFS is a new addition to Legend Fleet Solutions line up. It is a hybrid floor composed of Ulragrip in the center and KK-plus on the sides joined by heavy duty, extruded aluminum, loading rails. With the VFS you get the safety and durability of the Ultragrip in your walking area as well as the rigidity of the KK-Plus. In addition you get the aluminum load rails which mitigates the effect of expansion and contraction and also protects the floor while loading pallets or large objects. VFS also comes with aluminum sill plates to protect the entry points in the doorways. This complete flooring system is an excellent option for any cargo vehicle.


Automat Bar

This hardwearing ¼ inch rubber mat is extremely durable. The checkerplate pattern provides excellent grip reducing shifting cargo. The one piece construction enables you to have a seamless mat, easy installation, and easy removal for cleaning. This mat is impervious to water and is chemical resistant, making it perfect for many applications.


Automat Hammer

This ¼ inch rubber surface is your standard, everyday, light duty, workmat. A hammer-blown top ensures an excellent non-slip surface while remaining extremely easy to clean. As with the Automat Bar, a one-piece flexible construction allows for the mat to be moved in and out of the vehicle with ease if need be. This mat can be used with a variety of cargo.



ArmorMat provides a superb raised nylon reinforced rubber surface in a checker plate pattern. This surface is extremely durable and includes fibre reinforcement for use with the heaviest of cargo. Even in slippery conditions, ArmorMat’s non-slip surface ensures that both the cargo and your employees remain



DuraTherm consists of dual polypropylene outer skins which are vacuum heat sealed to a central honeycomb plastic core resulting in a 5/16” thick panel. Not only does DuraTherm offer protection for the sides of the van, but the insulative material provides noise reduction as well as a thermal barrier, enabling more control over the interior climate. All precut sections are extremely lightweight. This lowers fuel costs as opposed to other systems which are heavier and weigh the vehicle down. They are also quick and easy to install and clear installation instructions can be found on our resources page. Our DuraTherm liners are precut, predrilled and available in grey and white.

Drawer Liners

Molded Liner

A molded liner wall panel is available for select vehicles. This is made from 3/16 durable plastic that is scratch resistant and offers excellent protection for smaller cargo vehicles. These molded panels come pre-drilled and are easily installed.

ProMaster Rear Sill

Aluminum Sills

Milled from high grade aluminum, custom cut and shaped to fit the most demanding design specs.

Protects your floors and walls with a crisp, durable finishing touch.

Vspecials transit doorway thresholds-01

Transit Doorway Thresholds

Sills made especially to take the place of the factory thresholds.

Made from quality 14 guage steel and coated with durable non-slip coating, these door thresholds are much more durable and cost effective than the factory alternatives.

Whether you are replacing the factory thresholds or simply wanting to closeout the doorwell with sills (if your transit came without them), these are the perfect solution.

Works for all Transit configurations to finish off the doorways and protect your van.

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