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The F. Barkow Inc. commitment to quality and workmanship began in 1879 and continues today. Handcrafted welding is done by skilled craftsmen to build the highest-quality glass carriers on the market today. All Barkow glass carriers are entirely MIG welded. This is an arc welding process in which a continuous solid wire electrode is fed through a welding gun and into the weld pool, joining the two base materials together. This type of welding is better where larger, thicker pieces of metal are being joined because it uses filler material.

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All Barkow glass carriers feature Stake-Loc® Self-Locking Stakes – the best safety feature in the industry. Stake-Loc® Self-Locking Stakes automatically self-lock into the ledgeboard for safe glass transportation. Stake-Loc® self-locking stakes cannot become loose and fall out when driving over a bump or pothole. In addition to the provided stakes, racks come equipped with “B” Loadholding Slats which allow straps to be used for added security. Barkow van and pickup racks include a 24″ lower splash panel to protect glass from road debris, as well as a front load stop to help prevent damage to your valuable product and potential litigation. The Barkow 700 Series glass carriers including running lights both in front and rear.

Barkow offers many parts for your glass carrier, including Barkleats, Barpads®, Baseplate pads, and 24″ lower splash panels to protect your glass during transportation. Whether you are remounting, refurbishing or want to replace parts that are worn out or lost, F. Barkow Inc. offers a complete line of parts for your glass carrier. In addition to replacement parts, you may also purchase parts such as Next Ledge to increase the capacity of a glass carrier or loadholding straps for added safety and security when transporting glass.

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Glass carriers can be mounted by our experienced installers at our facility in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for a nominal fee or shipped to you with installation instructions to mount at your business. Shipping and crate fees will apply.

F. Barkow Inc. Introduces the Easy Rider Roller Designed to Help Load and Unload Lites Onto an Interior Rack

The roller attaches to an existing or new interior rack with all stainless steel hardware for extra strength. The 9″ polyurethane-coated steel roller is abrasion resistant and the quiet rolling, precision bearings are maintenance free. “The Easy Rider allows you to roll lites instead of lifting them onto the interior rack. Also, one person can load a larger lite much easier with the Easy Rider. This will reduce the physical strain on employees and the likelihood of accidents,” states John Weise, President and Owner.

Cost: $129.00

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    Barkow and the Glass Industry has been a partnership in progress. QUALITY, INNOVATION and SERVICE has been our trademark. F. BARKOW, Inc. has been family owned since 1879. With over 135 years in business, we are in our fifth generation of family ownership. We are recognized by glass dealers and glaziers as having the highest quality glass carriers made in the USA.

    We offer our customers a complete selection of available materials and sizes of glass carriers, from single-sided van glass carriers, all the way to semi-trailers, and everything in between. <p>Every product we manufacture is custom-built by hand with the glazier in mind. Since 1879, F. BARKOW Inc. has been building quality truck equipment and bodies to meet the needs of our customers. Today, all Barkow glass carriers and our exclusive glass holding system feature our patented Barkleats, Barpads® and STAKE-LOC® self-locking stakes. Barkow products are specified and shipped around the world.

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